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What is the best water to drink?

Alkaline Water Ionizers

The Cycle Of Great Health

In addition to following the health guidelines written in the oldest health book The Holy Bible written by the most advanced and intelligent scientist in the entire universe, our Creator and Heavenly Father, please consider our common sense Cycle of Great Health:

  1. Cleansing and detoxing followed by

  2. Saturating your body with life giving enzyme rich food, and  super nourishing nutrients.

  3. Make sure that you burn your calories as completely as possible. Exercise and don't eat after 6pm.

  4. Oh! lets not forget that we are made of over 65% water so we cannot ignore the incredible impact that adequate amounts of the right water has on our health.

  5. Find your purpose in life and be positive, joyous, and passionate about your life and your pursuits in life.

It is the opinion of a number of health experts that negatively charged alkaline water (also called Microwater, Kangen Water, Microstructured water, or Ionized Water)  is the most effective cleansing agent available. In fact, alkaline water has been used for decades in Japanese hospitals to treat many types of degenerative diseases. The health benefits of drinking alkaline water can no longer be denied.

It is easy to see that negatively charged alkaline water is the undisputed #1 health food. If you are searching for an advanced water ionizer you need not click to another site. We are veterans in this business and our years of experience will be an invaluable asset to you. We will provide you with complete information about our line up of advanced alkaline water ionizers. Our experts will advice you on the best configuration to clean and ionize your water whether it comes from a well, rain water, or municipal source. In most cases all you will need is the water ionizer itself, but sometimes you will also need a specialized prefilter or two, or we may suggest a Reverse Osmosis system depending on concerns about your source water. We employ a truly comprehensive and environmentally friendly approach to water treatment to address any need you might have.

Quality: Its What Guides Us

We only carry the highest quality water ionizers as they may be more effective in helping to reverse a negative health situation. These include the IE-900, Life Ionizer 7500, Life Ionizer 8000, Tyent Rettin MMP-7070, Jupiter Orion, Jupiter Aquarius, IonWays Athena, and KYK Genesis. This same philosophy also guides our choice of detoxification and cleansing products, such as pHion Colon Cleanse; nutritional supplements such as StemEnhance, E3Live, Rich Distributing's MSM, Cellfood and our assortment of fat burning equipment. These include various far infrared (FIR) mattresses, FIR Saunas, and FIR body wraps.

We Stand on Our Integrity

We work diligently to win the trust of our customers. We are committed to providing prompt, friendly and dependable service and offer the most competitive prices available. This is what customers want and that is exactly what we give them. If you were not referred to us by someone we guarantee you that after you become a customer that you will be the one recommending us to your friends and family.

May our Heavenly Father grant you great health and a long and abundant life.

Thank you for visiting us and please come back soon!


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Water FiltersAir FiltersSupplementsFar InfraredTest KitsBooksExerciseMagnetsBlock EMFBeauty

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