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Under this category you will find almost every water treatment solution. We carry advanced, top quality water ionizers such as the IE-900 Microwater Ionizer, and several others.  Recently we have added the Aqua-Ionizer Delux 7.0, which is the most affordable 7 plate water ionizer on the market today. If you are on a low budget you can still get this great ionizer. Call for more information.

There is absolutely no reason for you not to have some kind of water filtration capability at home. We have several options to deal with any situation you may be faced with. We have inexpensive  Faucet Mount water filters that cost as little as $26.95 at the time of this writing. It is almost unbelievable to realize that people spend more than $30.00 on bottled water per month when they could have even cleaner and healthier water at home for less.

One of the first actions to take in solving water problems is to find out what is in your water. We have a few water testing kits including the WaterSafe Drinking water test kit, Hanna Instruments ORP testers and our handy Alkaline water test solution (also called reagent drops). 

We also carry top quality shower filters such as the Crystal Quest and Rainshow'r shower filters. These shower filters remove chlorine, a deadly toxin from your bath water. You no longer have to breath in all that chlorine gas when you take a shower. Please take the time to learn about the dangers of chlorine and learn why you should be using a shower filter.

Many of our customers have problems with hard water, and we have the right solution: The Magnetizer Hard Water Conditioner. The word is getting around about its effectiveness and economic benefits. Imagine not having to use salt or change filters ever again. To learn more click on The Magnetizer.





Water FiltersAir FiltersSupplementsFar InfraredTest KitsBooksExerciseMagnetsBlock EMFBeauty

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