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Double Housing Countertop
Pre-filter Inline Water Filter System

Double Housing with 1/4" connections

Double Housing with 3/8" connections

Double Housing with 1/2" connections

7 Stages of Filtration

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How Do I Decide Which Countertop Pre-filter System To Get For My ionizer?

  • Pre-filter systems with 1/4" quick connect fittings work with the following countertop ionizers models: LIFE Ionizer 5000, LIFE Ionizer 7500/7600/7700/9100, KYK Genesis, EOS Genesis Platinum, Tyent MMP 5050/7070/9090 Turbo, Jupiter Melody, Jupiter Orion, and Jupiter Aquarius.

  • Pre-filter systems with 3/8" quick connect fittings work with Jupiter MicroLite and Microwater ND-145\ND-155, but we have had some problems getting these systems connected, so we would rather that you call us if you have any of those two machines.

  • Pre-filter systems with 1/2" quick connect fittings work with most Japanese water ionizer models such as Enagic Leveluk models, Toyo Pure Porte II, IE Series machines, Ange, and the Panasonic Microstructured PJ-A3AH water ionizers.

Our Inline Countertop Water Filter system makes it easy for your to add another layer of filtration to the sometimes limited filtration capacity of a alkaline water ionizer. Several customers are choosing to install a pre-filter to deal with contaminants such as fluoride which most water ionizers do not address or other localized pollutants such as pesticides in farm communities. Other reasons for getting a inline pre-filter includes the fact that more areas are beginning to use chloramines instead of chlorine in the United States while most water ionizers are still only designed remove chlorine which is still the most common form of disinfectant used by municipalities to clean water. For all these reasons our line of inline pre-filters are designed to give you the greatest flexibility so you can find the solution that best suites your needs.

With our system you have the choice getting our recommended solution which will effectively eliminate most contaminants or you can get the housing unit and get any other cartridge filter that you think is better. You can also use the WaterSafe City Water test kit or the WaterSafe Well Water test kit

Why You Should Choose Our Multi-Stage Cartridge: It's the Best!
Our Multi-Stage Cartridge eliminates the impurities typically found in tap water to offer you great tasting and pure drinking water. It is also very attractive and economical. This 6 Stage Filtration system is a truly robust system and effectively removes hundreds of contaminants from water. It is a solid state water filter which uses the latest technologies that blend the adsorption capabilities of coconut shell activated carbon with Eagle Redox Alloy. This combination has been tested to boost filtration capacity to remarkable levels.

The 6 Stage cartridge filter is designed to last between 1 year. You can tell when the filter needs changing because it will either stop working or slow to trickle. This unique water system is great for homes, apartments or office use.

7 Stages of Filtration:

Stage 1: Water flows through robust sediment filter in the first canister of the double housing unit. It to traps particulates larger than 5 microns. This stage helps to condition the water for a more thorough filtration in the 6 Stage filter in the second canister. The sediment filter also extends the life and filtration capacity of the 6-stage filter by absorbing larger particles that would otherwise help to clog the 6 stage filter sooner. This filter can be changed every 2 to three months depending on usage and water condition.

Stage 2:
Water flows through pre and post one - micron filter pads (1 micron equals 1/25,000th of an inch), which removes suspended particles such as silt, sediment, cyst (Giardia, Cryptosporidium), sand, rust, dirt, and other un-dissolved matter.

Stages 3 and 4, water flows through a bed of media made of a special high-purity alloy blend of two dissimilar metals - copper and zinc (Eagle Redox Alloy 6500, and Eagle Redox Alloy 9500.) Eagle Redox Alloy is a major advancement in water treatment technology that works on the electro-chemical and spontaneous-oxidation-reduction (REDOX) principles. Chlorine is instantaneously and almost inexhaustibly oxidized. Tests on Eagle Redox Alloy/GAC cartridge have shown 99% chlorine removal even after 20,000 gallons of water passed through the filter. In comparison, carbon cartridges of comparable volumes drop below 90% effectiveness after only 4,000 gallons. This is an important consideration.

Iron and hydrogen sulfide are oxidized into insoluble matter and attach to the surface of the media. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, cadmium, aluminum, and other dissolved metals are removed from the water by the electrochemical process. They are attracted to the surface of the media, much like a magnet. The media inhibits bacterial growth throughout the entire unit. In fact, it has been shown to be reduced up to 90%, eliminating the need for silver, which is commonly used in carbon-only filters (silver is considered a pesticide by the EPA and, as such, must be registered with them). Is copper or zinc added to the water in any significant amount? On 2.3 ppm chlorinated water, <0.05 mg/l copper and only 0.46 mg/l zinc were measured. The EPA aesthetic levels are 1.0 mg/l for copper and 5.0 mg/l for zinc. Both zinc and copper are essential minerals for good health - the FDA recommends a daily intake of 15 mg of zinc and 2 mg of copper.

Stage 5, water flows through ion exchange resins, reducing heavy metals such as lead, copper, aluminum, and water hardness.

Stage 6,
water flows through granulated activated carbon (GAC). GAC is universally recognized and widely used as an effective adsorbent for a wide variety of organic contaminants, such as chlorine (99.9%), chemicals linked to cancer (THM's, benzene) pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), PCB's, MTBE's and hundreds of other chemical contaminants that may be present in water causing bad taste and odors in your drinking water.

Carbon is extremely porous and provides a large surface area for contaminants to collect. Carbon-only filters must also use their capacity for chlorine removal, resulting in a shortened life. They also may use a bituminous coal carbon, which is good at removing chlorine, but not as effective at removing chemicals. We use a high-grade coconut shell carbon that is most effective at removing chemicals. Coconut shell carbon provides a significantly higher volume of micro-pores than either coal, wood or lignite based carbon. As a result, it is more effective than other carbon types in removing trihalomethanes (THM's) and other chemicals from municipally supplied water. Since our REDOX media removes the chlorine before it reaches the carbon, the carbon capacity is not wasted on chlorine and is free to concentrate more effectively on organic contaminants.

In stage 7,
water flows through another one-micron filtration pad for further reduction of undesirable particles. The end result is a great reduction or total elimination of a wide variety of contaminants.

This complete process removes hundreds of contaminants* from your drinking water. Used for low flow such as countertop and undersink.

6 Stages Filtration Cartridge Specification

Capacity (<100 ppm hardness):

10,000, 20,000, or 30,000 Gallons *

Design flow rate

1 to 1.5 GPM

Maximum temperature:

100F (38C)

Minimum temperature:

40F (5C)

Maximum pressure:

125 PSI (8.6 bar)

Minimum pressure:

20 PSI (1.4 bar)

Materials of Construction
End Caps: Polypropylene
Inner/Outer Wraps: Polyolefin
Netting: Polyethylene
Gaskets: Buna-N

5"L x 13"H x 5"W

It can be easily back washed. Semi annually back washing of the unit not only ensures balanced filtration and eliminates the potential for channeling, but also back-flushes the unit.

Double Inline Filter Housing

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Double Filter Housing Only - with 1/4 connections - No internal filter

Double Filter Housing Only - with 3/8 connections - No internal filter

Double Filter Housing Only - with 1/2 connections - No internal filter

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Multi-Stage Replacement Cartridge Filter

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 5 Micron Sediment Filter

 Multi-Stage Replacement Cartridge Filter w/ 10,000 gallon capacity*

You can select other replacement cartridge filters here

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Double Filter Housing with Multi-Stage Filter

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Double Filter Housing with 1/4" connections & Internal Filters

Double Filter Housing with 3/8" connections & Internal Filters

Double Filter Housing with 1/2" connections & Internal Filters

Free Shipping to the 48 lower States for orders over $100.00

* Filtration capacities are based on water quality.

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