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Ultra Water Flosser

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"The WaterPik Ultra 100 can do wonders for your mouth"

If you have a problem with bleeding gums don't ignore it. It is a early warning signal for much greater problems. Read this article from The American Dental Association on a study which showed that periodontal disease can increases the risk of an heart attack. Also, Larry Clapp, PhD, JD in his book Prostate Health in 90 Days without drugs or surgery made a most interesting analysis of how the health of your teeth and gums can have a direct impact on other organs such as your heart:

The human mouth is filled with bacteria, viruses, and other germs. This is not surprising, for the mouth is open to the environment.... The numerous germs that fill the typical mouth are not normally dangerous, because the immune system holds them at bay, preventing them from moving into the body. But sometimes-too many times-something goes wrong.... our internal defenses are not nearly as effective against long-term, low-grade infections that fester in our mouths, hidden under or behind our teeth ... Whatever their cause(s), these simmering infections are breeding grounds for germs that may ultimately over-power or outwit our immune system. Then the germs spread far and wide, either loudly proclaiming their presence (pain) in the body by wreaking havoc, or quietly taking up residence in an organ or tissue, subtly and cumulatively weakening us with vague and undiagnosable pains, fevers, neurologic disturbances, and immune system disorders, or perhaps vision or hearing difficulties...

Germs fanning out from the teeth needn't go far to do damage. Only a couple of centimeters separate the upper teeth from the brain. But the brain is not the only organ or body system at risk. Hidden dental infections can cause a great deal of trouble, including:

Elevated blood pressure: Certain bacteria that take up residence in the mouth can increase the amount of serotonin in the body. Serotonin in turn causes tiny blood vessels called capillaries to constrict (clamp down). Imagine that you are driving through a tunnel that suddenly gets smaller. You had no trouble driving when the tunnel was wide, but now that it's narrowed you keep brushing against the side. When the tunnel becomes too narrow your car gets stuck, and you can't back up because there are too many cars behind you, all pushing to move ahead.

Something similar happens in your blood vessels. When the bacteria-induced increase in serotonin narrows the capillaries that serve as "tunnels" for the blood traveling through the body, blood pressure rises. As blood pressure goes up, so does the risk of headaches, as well as stroke, heart disease, and other serious ailments. Millions of Americans are taking medications to relieve their headaches, reduce blood pressure, and handle other ailments. How many would be better off if the hidden infections in their mouths were simply cleared away? ...

                     Pages 137-141

Word to the wise: do not ignore those bleeding gums. See your dentist and arm yourself with the WaterPik Dental Care System. 

The WaterPik oral irrigators has been proven to do its wondrous job with just plain old fashion water. They have been clinically proven to be 93% more effective than flossing at reducing gum disease. The study measured reduction in gum bleeding and inflammation after 28 days. Measures showed improvements from 40%-93%. You can expect healthier gums in just 14 days! The Waterpik:

  • Removes bacteria deep between teeth and below gum line where brushing alone will not reach

  • Massages gums to make them strong and healthy

  • Ideal for cleaning around braces and other dental work

The Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet (WP-100W) features:

  • A unique combination of water pressure and pulsation that reduces gingivitis, prevents gum disease, removes bacteria, and massages and stimulates gums

  • Contemporary compact design and quiet operation

  • High-volume, covered reservoir with ounce and milliliter markings

  • Ventilated lid with tip storage

  • Advanced pressure control system with 10 settings

  • Pause button on the handpiece (sometimes you will need this button. Wow.)

  • Eight tip attachments, including:
    3 Standard jet tips
    3 Tongue cleaner jet tips
    1 Deep cleaning Pik Pocket® subgingival irrigation tip
    1 Orthodontic tip

The Pik Pocket® subgingival irrigation tip:

  • Delivers a solution 90% of the depth of a pocket 6mm or less and 64% of the depth of a pocket 7mm and greater

  • Consistent low-pressure delivery regardless of unit setting

  • Designed for the targeted delivery of antimicrobials

  • Latex-free

  • Clinically proven safe with implants and on individuals with diabetes

The Waterpik Orthodontic Tip:

  • Combines oral irrigation with brushing for optimal cleaning around orthodontic brackets

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 WaterPik Oral Irrigators

The new Ultra Dental Water Jet is feature rich. It is compact, has a quieter design, 10 pulsating pressure settings, and eight jet tips. Customers love the new slick design that is sure to enhance look of any bathroom.



WaterPik Ultra WP-450 Cordless Dental Jet is a push-button dual pressure control system with low for sensitive gums, high for deep cleaning. More details ...


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WaterPik Accessories

2 Clear Replacement jet tips for Ultra (WP-100).

Model # JTR-2



2 Replacement Orthodontic Brush Tips for Ultra (WP-100) and Cordless (WP-360) dental water jets only. Water jet flows through bristle tip to rinse away debris while cleaning around braces and other dental work.
Model # OBR-2  



2 Replacement Pik Pocket™ Subgingival tips for Ultra (WP-100) and Cordless (WP-360) dental water jets only. Two pack, color-coded latex-free tips for targeted delivery of water or antibacterial solutions.
Model # PPR-2 


2 Replacement tongue cleaner tips for Ultra (WP-100) and Cordless (WP-360) dental water jets only.
Model # TCR-2 



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