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Balanced Life
Complete H2O Minerals
Ionic Angstrom Liquid Minerals

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Complete H2O Minerals Balanced Life consists of a mixture of 8 ionic minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, silicon, zinc, chloride and copper, then adds a balanced proprietary blend of essential micro-minerals. You should also know the difference between colloidal and ionic angstrom minerals. Read the article written by Dr. Chris Meletis N. D.

Calcium is one of the first elements in the body to go out of balance when the diet is inadequate. Calcium is used in forming bones, also known as bone mineralization, and in the proper formation and maintenance of teeth. It is also important in nerve impulse transmission, blood coagulation and muscle contraction. Calcium is required for the release of energy for muscular contraction, mediates the transport function of cell and organelle membranes, effects the release of neurotransmitters at synaptic junctions, and mediates the synthesis, secretion and metabolic effects of hormones and enzymes. Calcium also helps regulate muscle tone, muscle receptiveness to nerve stimulation and the regulation of the heartbeat.

Magnesium: If we consume calcium with proper magnesium levels, we will feel younger and lose weight. This is because the lack of magnesium-to-calcium ratios will rapidly age people. Women who were put on a program of increased magnesium reported that PMS vanished, that they felt younger and that they lost weight, their energy increased, they felt less depressed and started enjoying sex. Many said they noticed fewer wrinkles without using anything on their skin.

Potassium is known as a great alkalizer as it is a primary electrolyte, important in pH balance and water balance. Potassium constitutes 5% of the total mineral content of the body although about 3-4 ounces are found in the body at one time. Potassium is easily absorbed. But it is essential to point out that at least 90% of it is excreted through the kidney, however, It is also found in fecal matter. Potassium is vital to eliminate wastes in the body. Potassium is a natural diuretic, helping your body excrete water and sodium, and possibly lowering your blood pressure. There is evidence that salt sensitivity may be caused by a lack of potassium

Zinc helps the body slim down! Hunger is caused by the body demanding nutrition, and is regulated by zinc. Zinc is also required for the proper absorption of food. Tests show that zinc-deficiencies increase the need for food by 50%, over subjects that had proper zinc levels. Therefore a person who is zinc-deficient could consume up to 50% more food than is necessary, causing an undesireable increase in carbohydrates and weight increase due to overeating.

Minerals are elements that originate in the Earth and cannot be made by living systems. Plants obtain minerals from the soil, and most of the minerals in our diets come directly from plants or indirectly from animal sources. Minerals may also be present in the water we drink, but this varies with geographic locale. Minerals from plant sources may also vary from place to place, because soil mineral content varies geographically.

How to Use:
Take the recommended dosage of water soluble minerals with a full glass of water, juice or other liquid.

Complete H2O Minerals Balanced Life
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